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Mid Year Update

Secretary Mid-Year update

Behind the scenes we continue to juggle the Club’s finances to ensure we maintain high quality fishing on our waters. We did not increase the annual membership fee this year despite inflation being high and increased overheads.  Our leases are index linked but we managed to negotiate deferring the increases which eases the pressure.  The cost per pound to buy fish is also increasing so we have had to be careful with our stocking plans.  However, I am sure you will agree there are plenty of fish in our waters and this year’s stocking plan has ensured there are lots of larger fish to be caught (over 2 lb).  Maintenance of Ireleth is essential and we must find the monies needed to keep it safe and in good order.  New bollards in the car park, replacement of the fence on lower Ireleth, improved access for disabled vehicles and the installation of lifebuoy rings are this year’s essential tasks so far.  On top of these, the lawnmower we use to maintain pathways around our waters is on its last legs and we will need to buy a replacement.  All this costs money and almost all of our membership income goes on stocking.  If any of you have building or construction experience and are willing to help, or offer advice, then we will be grateful of your support.

Because of the cost of fish, the Committee has agreed to amend the rules with immediate effect regarding the removal of fish from our waters.  From now going forward, all fish over 2 lb are to be returned and the number of fish permitted to be taken home will be 2 per day up to a maximum of 4 fish per calendar week.  Harlock rules remain unchanged.  This will help keep stocks high as well as preserving the population of larger fish which are expensive for us to buy.

To also provide additional income, the Committee has agreed to allow a limited number of birdwatchers onto our waters.  Birdwatchers will have to buy a permit and sign in the fishing book when entering the waters.  Birdwatching rules are being written that will detail anglers have the priority.

United Utilities are upgrading the overflow and undertaking dam wall repairs on Harlock reservoir this winter.  They start in September and will lower the water depth by 2 meters to undertake the work.  Unfortunately, they need to house the contractors and plant equipment on our carpark, so for health and safety reasons we will not be able to fish from September this year.  We may get the water back during the 2024 season but that just depends on how well the work progresses.

Poaching has been occurring this year.  We have had a successful police outcome regarding a poacher on Cavendish Dock and we are currently working with the police regarding poachers on Ireleth.  If you see poachers, then please get as much information as you can such as photos of them illegally fishing plus their cars/registration and we will do the rest.  We have a Fisheries Enforcement Officer, Allen Cooke who will respond to reports of poaching and will process incidents with the police.  Allen can be contacted on 07830 169949.  Alternatively contact any official of the club and we will initiate a response.

Tight Lines

George Teasdale MBE

Secretary BAA