Cavendish Dock

Brief description of fishery:

Cavendish Dock is disused dock, now reservoir, spanning some 591,000 square meters.

It used to have a higher salt water content and pumped warm water in by united utilities. Some years ago a lot of carp escaped from a nearby carp fishery and took advantage of the abundance of food on offer, shrimps and larger morsels, these carp grew quick!

Back in the day it was a operated as a trout fishery and some are still there taking the odd carp bait or method feeder and carp anglers have recorded trout upto 8lb.

There are also roach upto specimen sizes, one angler recorded a roach over 2lb! and eels are present in the dock as well.

The dock isn’t overly deep like some water most areas are around 10ft in depth and and is concierges a runs water by many carp anglers.

Access & Parking

There is a main carp park as you go down the strand open to the public open the west side of the dock, this offers access to the popular pegs “the stones” and “the benches”

Over the east side there is ample parking under the bridge near salt house mills.

Season tickets run from 1st April to 31st march, there are no joining fees to pay but if you have no renewed by 31st march each year your permit will no longer be valid.

To buy your ticket online please follows the links below and complete the online form.

To assist our bailiffs when buying your season ticket please upload a picture of your face so you easily recognisable

We reserve right the to refuse season tickets to anyone and remove season tickets should fail to he adhered to.
Cavendish Dock Adult season ticket£40.00
Cavendish Dock Junior Season Ticket£10.00

New for 2023 we are happy to announce we will be offering two types of “day tickets”

  • Option Number 1 will be a day ticket, this will give you opportunity to fish during the day from 8.00am until 8.00pm
  • Option number 2 will be a 24hr ticket, meaning you can fish from 8am for 24hours and must be fully vacated by 8am the following day.

In 2022 we have a number of work parties with good turnouts, Allen Cooke will be our Work Party Co-Ordinator and organise the tidying of swims and strumming the hedges and grass to make the bankside a better environment to fish.


  • Carp
  • Eel
  • Mirror Carp
  • Roach
  • Rudd

CavDock Rules 2024 VE

Cavendish Dock Rules Polish

Cavendish Dock Rules Romanian


Cavendish Dock Fishery Rule changes for 2023/24


There are some rule changes being incorporated into this season’s permit.

You are advised to read and be familiar with the full rules on the Barrow Angling Association website.

  • For safety of anglers there is NO fishing from the seawall.
  • Pegs 28 & 29 are open but for safety reasons and not to damage fish when landing them, there must be 2 anglers on the swims.
  • Keepnets will be allowed for silver fishing, but carp are not to be put in keepnets unless under the supervision of a BAA sponsored match. Anglers fishing for silvers should have a carp mat and antiseptic should they accidently hook a carp.
  • Anglers under the age of 18 can only night fish if accompanied by a responsible adult (18+ years)
  • Anglers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult (18+years) whilst fishing at any time.
  • The Stones duration will be 0800 to 0800 with no return to these pegs for 24hours. This is to coincide with day tickets that start at 0800.  Day tickets can only be purchased on Clubmate and must be bought before fishing.  Bailiffs will be notified who has purchased day tickets via Clubmate.

The fishery pegs are much tidier nowadays with most anglers taking pride in keeping the swims clean. However, we still find rubbish stuffed into gaps in stones and in holes in the bank.  Clubmate will allow bailiffs to record who is on each peg.  Anyone found leaving litter will be banned. We have had bins installed by the yellow gate on the East bank and in the Car Park by the Benches and Stones.

Keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour.  We have had the police down to the north side of the west bank where railings have been cut down.  If this is poaching or fish theft, then we want to catch the offenders.  If you see anything suspicious in that corner of the dock e.g people fishing, head lights/torches at night etc then please report it to a bailiff so that we can get the police down there.

Thanks for your support

Tight Lines!