Ireleth Reservoir

This is a small fishery comprising 2 small waters lying adjacent to the minor road (Moor Road) that leads north west from Ireleth village to Poaka Beck Reservoir. The waters are stocked with rainbow trout from March to October inclusive. The October stocking is usually with larger fish around 3lb in weight. As this is the last stocking of the year these fish are put in to provide sport throughout the winter until the first stocking of the following season. Because of this members are requested to desist from taking their maximum catch.

A programme of improvements to the fishery has been started in recent years which has resulted in the planting of a mixed English woodland to provide screening, shelter, and improved wildlife habitat but it will be some years yet before the benefits finally accrue. Other hard landscaping improvements have been made and more are planned for the coming years. Ireleth is a productive water with some good hatches and the sort of place that is handy for a couple of hours in the evening.

Click on this link for a short aerial video of Ireleth Reservoirs kindly provided by Aerial Data Specialists.

These aerial shots of Ireleth were also kindly provided by Aerial Data Specialists.

Ireleth Top  Ireleth Top & Bottom Aerial 2