Harlock Reservoir


At around twenty acres, Harlock is the largest of our water supply reservoirs, and situated on the high ground to the west of Ulverston it is also our highest. The water is managed as a brown trout fishery and we have aimed over the past 20 plus years to preserve the wild stocks of brownies already in the water. We supplement this wild population with a small annual stocking of triploid fish for sporting purposes. Anglers are permitted to take fish as part of their bag limit, but we encourage them to support the clubs aims and return fish whenever possible. From the start of the season 2017, this bag limit has been reduced to one per visit and a maximum of 3 per week.

From the start of 2017 Harlock is a FLY ONLY water (NB, Bubble & Fly is not permitted).

Like any upland brown trout fishery the fishing is best in the first half of the season and slows somewhat over the summer months when the peak of any activity will be late in the evening as fish respond to hatches of sedge. There is often a particularly good mid-day olive hatch on Harlock from mid May through into mid June when, at times, sport can be fast and furious. Fishing usually picks ups again for the last few weeks of the season.

Harlock provides superb sport typical of an upland brown trout fishery.