Early Season Success

Despite the cold and unwelcoming weather many anglers have been out so far in March and we have seen a good number of fish caught. They seem to mainly down deep, no surprises there, but even today fish were on the move even in the bright sun and cold wind. Very pleasing to see a[…]

Barbless Hooks

It’s very sad that one day into the season proper the first rant has to happen….One of our committee members today found a broken cast caught in the trees near the bridge on Top Ireleth. Both Flies on the cast were barbed. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE in Barrow Angling Association where ALL HOOKS MUST be barbless[…]

Strange but True

Did you know that : According to an article on the Archaelogical Data Service website 9 urns were found when Ireleth reservoirs were being built, each containing human bones. They were buried in the dam apparently! A full extractof the article  will be on the Club History page at some stage.